Easy Family Portal

Thanks for checking out Easy Family Portal!

Easy Family Portal is intended to be a cental web destination for families. It is easy to use for all members of the family (including mom and dad and grandma and grandpa!) There are a number of features built into Easy Family Portal including:
  • Family Announcements
  • Address Book
  • EMail Lists
  • Photo Albums
  • Gift Lists

Using Easy Family Portal, you can keep in touch with your extended family, disperse important news items and share family memories.

Installing Easy Family Portal

Easy Family Portal is a Ruby on Rails application. It requires VERY little configuration on your part to get the site up and running. You need a hosting provider which is capable of providing Ruby on Rails support as well as MySQL. Beyond that, all you need to do is download the code, edit a few configuration files and you're ready to go.

Looking for an even easier installation?

For a nominal fee of $5 per month, we can setup an easy family portal for you. Contact us for details.